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Imagination is energy. It is the thread that binds together the fabric of all our creations. And it begins with transformation. Of thought.When new ideas replace old paradigms.When new thinking becomes the established order.When a new, more powerful truth begins to guide the actions of the society. At the Viridian Group we encourage every form of thinking. From the implausible to what some might call outrageous. For we believe the responsibility for evolving society rests only on those who choose to accept it. The first step to anything at Viridian is to begin transformation – of the way we think.

When imagination translates to impact, ideas begin to breathe and take shape. Impact is reality of transformation made possible through tangible action. At Viridian, we believe the power to enact innovative ideas is the strongest force in conjuring creations that redefine the way the world interacts with everyday life. We believe that any endeavor that involves creation for society should be very focused in its impact and aspire to achieve a balance between the fundamental tenets of equity, ecology and identity.

The natural evolution of this process is an invigorating reality. Achievement that catalyses evolution and inspires us continuously to raise benchmarks. We don’t believe a creator’s domain is to just meet a need gap. But to channelize the subtle energies of nature and commercial enterprise and bring together an amalgamation that is eternal in its interactions with every facet of life. It is to create a positive impact on society through inspiring ideas that bring communities together through a common pursuit of excellence. Thought leadership goes beyond the tangible and we strive to be an institution of research, knowledge and trust that both the customer and industry look up to for answers and solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

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