Viridian Capital leverages the Group’s distinctive capabilities of deal origination, efficient capital structuring and a strong execution focus, to deliver long-term capital appreciation with compelling exit multiples.

The company has its roots in the PERE space that continues to represent an important part of its portfolio. Its other interests in the financial services and venture capital segments give it unparalleled breadth and reach in both investment and enterprise domains.


Viridian Ventures is a venture catalyst engaged in the development of a vibrant venture and start-up ecosystem in the country by galvanizing expertise and resources through leading global organizations in the venture acceleration and incubation space.

It enables ideas and supports entrepreneurs build successful businesses and believes real entrepreneurship must be promoted at all levels of the society for a holistic growth of the country.


Focused on delivering innovative and quality real estate solutions that help create wealth and security for customers and all other stakeholders, Viridian Real Estate Development (Viridian RED) is a vital part of Viridian’s Integrated Platform, comprising investment management, real estate development and asset management functions.

Viridian RED is highly awarded and recognized for its development of mainstream global landmarks and related ecosystems that deliver growth through innovation and excellence.


Kingsbridge is a hospitality asset management domain specialist with pan India operations and ability to leverage its strong internal and external relationships with key stakeholders and service providers to put together capital, domain knowledge and infrastructure to deliver a seamless operating solution.

Its experience and stringent processes enable it to create efficient economic models and deliver significant value at every stage of each project.


Viridian Technologies (Viridian TEC) is focused on development of cutting edge technologies and solutions in defense and civil applications and related ecosystems that deliver value through innovation and excellence.

It works through JVs with like-minded companies to set up manufacturing bases in India and by delivering LTAV (Long Term Asset Value) with the highest levels of satisfaction in both defense and civil area of products.


VERBIND is an independent integrated trade facilitation and business management services organization that seeks to unify the multifaceted components of trade services, education and infrastructure.

VERBIND was instituted under the umbrella of the prestigious World Trade Center Association, New York (WTCA) brand that represents 330 members in 92 countries and acts as a one-stop shop that provides trade services excellence with a global reach.


The Future Institute is a not-for-profit research initiative that enables innovation and promotes initiatives that inform the Indian urban transformation as independent India turns 100 years old in 2047.

Established in 2011, the institute has been actively involved in seeking solutions to India’s diverse developmental and urban dynamics through advocacy and collaboration through its key values: Equity, Ecology and Identity.


The Viridian Foundation is a not‐for‐profit organization that promotes research and innovation in the field of sustainable development and living.

It believes that every solution that extends the quality of life is as divergent, as unique and as dialectic as life itself and must be pursued. It seeks to promote not just awareness but dreams that will fuel and sustain the notions that make us a more responsible society.


India PLEDGED at the stroke of midnight in 1947, to be a dynamic and resurgent country; a pledge we are on the way of redeeming by 2017, a hundred years after becoming a sovereign democracy.

India at 100 WILL be ready to lead the world and become its economic powerhouse. It will be driven by its exceptional spirit of economy.

Viridian Capital and Financial Services Private Limited(VC & FS) strives to be a reliable financial services provider to small and mid-scale bussiness that require customisable solutions for diffrent business needs.

Unlike traditional financial institutions, offering uniform and less flexible financial products, VC & FS extends its relationship and works together with the client to find the best possible financial solution.



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