The Viridian Story


/noun / A long-lasting bluish-green pigment
consisting of hydrated chromium hydroxide.

/origin / late 19th century:
from Latin viridis 'green' (from virere 'be green') + -ian.

Viridian is the name of an ink that was discovered in 1869,
in Europe. It was heralded as an innovative breakthrough for its
properties of permanence and non-toxicity.
It has, since then, written countless stories.
And has now inspired us to write our own saga.

The Viridian Group is engaged in diverse activities across investment and development related ecosystems, and has been widely recognized for its innovation and transformational impact. With offices in Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the Group presently consists of over 250 professionals across the development, manufacturing, investment management and advisory functions. The Group comprises independent and diversified businesses, and has significant strengths in the fund management and real estate development space, in addition to other ventures in the financial services and venture capital segments.

The Group is a strong proponent of sustainable development across its commercial, residential and hotel developments. Its ‘Mainstream Green’ philosophy has had an outsized impact, not only on its teams pursuing the challenge but also on the green building movement as whole, and each of the communities where Viridian’s operations are located. The Group leverages on its distinctive capabilities of deal origination, efficient capital structuring and a strong execution focus, to deliver long-term capital appreciation with compelling exit multiples. The Group is currently making a series of investments with a view to incubate business ventures across the knowledge, material and delivery ecosystems. The Group diligently enforces vendor standards and fair trade practices, including labor compensation and employee welfare levels across all its enterprises. In addition to this, the privately funded Viridian Foundation has established a series of initiatives to promote its primary tenets of Equity, Ecology and Identity.


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